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Ma'alaea Dining Guide

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To help make your stay at the Ma'alaea Banyans more enjoyable, please take a few minutes to read this guide. We ask for your kokua (help) maintaining the "Aloha Spirit" while staying at our condo.

LOBBY - Hours: 7:30 AM until 9:00 PM; Food is not allowed in the lobby without permission (see parties).

QUIET HOURS - for the entire property are from 10:00 PM - 8:00 AM. Construction, except for emergencies, is limited to the hours between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM. At all times, please be considerate of others when adjusting the volume on TVs, radios, CD’s, etc.

SMOKING - Smoking is not permitted in, or within 20 feet of, the elevator, the lobby or any of the walkways (Hawaii State Law: HRS328J). Our designated smoking areas are at the East end of the property by the barbeque, and at the West end near the car wash area. As a courtesy to all occupants, we ask that you refrain from smoking on lanais.

POOL, JACUZZI- Pool and Jacuzzi Hours are 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM. (The temperature of the Jacuzzi will be set between 100 to 102 degrees F).  For your safety and enjoyment, we ask that you observe the following:

  • No running, cannon balling, or Marco Polo
  • Use plastic containers – no bottles or glass
  • Deck chairs cannot be reserved and must remain in the pool area or on the lawn
  • Only portable audio equipment that has headphones can be used
  • Ball playing/paddle ball is not permitted in the pool
  • Please remove suntan oil and sand at the shower prior to using the pool or Jacuzzi
  • Any incompetent swimmer must be accompanied by a competent swimmer
  • Observe all postings
  • Sleeping in the Jacuzzi or pool is prohibited
  • Infants and small children should wear swim diapers as needed
  • Children under twelve are not allowed in the Jacuzzi (Children exposed to spa temperatures are at serious risk of life threatening health consequences, e.g. dehydration, overheating, convulsions.)

LOST KEYS- Renters or owners who lose or fail to return their unit and/or pool gate keys will be subject to a $25.00 (each) key replacement fee.

GRASS AREAS ACTIVITIES - should be limited so that they do not disturb others and do not damage grass or vegetation. The Resident Manager is responsible for monitoring and enforcement. Quiet hours will be observed in the grass area from 10 PM.

CHEMICALS/SOAPS/FORBIDDEN ITEMS- Unclogging chemicals like Drano or Liquid Plumber are not to be used in any unit as they cause imbalances and can shut down the entire septic system. The following items may not be flushed down the commode as they cause blockages: all wipes--even the disposable kind, tissues, feminine hygiene products, trash, garbage, etc. The clothes washers are not full size. Please use less soap than you would normally use elsewhere.

FOOD- Do not leave garbage, open food or dirty dishes inside or outside your unit that will attract insects or animals.

GARBAGE CHUTES - are across from unit numbers X09 and X10 on the upper floors. Trash should be bagged and easily fit in the opening. Do not use chutes for large objects. The first floor garbage room, located to the left of the front entrance, has bins for recycling glass, plastics and aluminum. The doors to the chutes and garbage room will be locked from 9:00 PM to 8:00 AM.

LANAI RAILINGS- are not to be used to hang towels or any other items.

CHILDREN UNDER 12 - must be accompanied by a responsible adult in the pool area and in the elevator. Running and playing in the halls and stairwells is not permitted. As noted above, children under 12 are not permitted in the Jacuzzi.

BARBEQUE GRILLS - are located East of the pool area. The grills are equipped with gas. No charcoal is permitted. Please brush off the grill and clean up the area when you have finished grilling. Be sure to shut off both gas control knobs. No other common areas may be used for cooking. It is against the Hawaii State Fire Code to barbecue on the lanais or within 15 feet of the building.
SHORT TERM AUTOMOBILE PARKING - is available for all tenants and guests. Back-in parking is not allowed in the row nearest the building. All vehicles on property must be in operating condition and properly licensed, including a current safety inspection by the State of Hawaii. Any vehicle not in the above condition may be towed from the property at the owner’s/driver’s expense and risk. All guests and their vehicles must be registered with Reception Manager and have a “Guest Permit” displayed on their vehicle while parking in the Ma’alaea Banyans parking lot. Guest permits are available for a maximum of 30 days, then must be renewed. Each unit is limited to no more than two (2) vehicles on the property (non-transferable). If an owner is keeping a vehicle stored on property and a guest is in their unit, the guests may not have more than one vehicle parked on the property. There are up to four (4) parking spaces for visitors.

RENTAL UNIT REPAIRS - may be initiated by calling the rental agent or owner of your unit. If you have an emergency, such as flooding, contact the Resident Manager (808-214-3080), or the Reception Office (808-268-5553). If at all possible, confine contact to normal business hours.

SKATEBOARDING/ROLLER BLADING - are not permitted anywhere on property.

SURFBOARDS/SAILBOARDS/KAYAKS,etc.- must be stored on car racks or inside your unit. They cannot be kept on lanais, in hallways or in any “common area”. Upon Board approval, an owner kayak may be stored in the kayak rack in an assigned space.

MAIL DELIVERY AND PICKUP - is approximately 2:30 PM, Monday through Saturday. For guest mail, contact the Reception Manager during office hours. The mailing address is “your name,” unit #410, c/o Ma’alaea Banyans, 190 Hau’oli Street, Wailuku, HI 96793.

PARTIES- If a resident, owner, or guest at the Banyans wishes to hold a party in the common areas for 10 or more persons, including non-residents, a sponsor request should be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors through the Resident Manager for approval in advance. This request must include sponsor’s name and unit, event date and time, description, purpose, and activities, including any plans for food/beverage/catering and for music of any type. The sponsor is responsible for the clean up. Amplified music is not allowed at any time in the common areas. Any time food is desired in the lobby as part of the use of this common element, a request form must be completed and approved. A request form is available from the Resident Manager.

ANIMALS / PETS - are not allowed. They cannot be kept anywhere in the building or on the grounds. Please do not feed any animals (including birds or cats) that stray onto or perch on the property.

CAR ALARMS- If a car has a false alarm during the day, during “quiet hours” or when the owner is not on property, the alarm will be disabled immediately and should be repaired within 48 hours.

RECEIPT OF PACKAGES - Packages for off-island owners will only be accepted by the Resident Manager if arrangements are made ahead of time and the package can be stored in the owner’s unit until his/her arrival on island. Packages left for on-island owners absent from their units at time of delivery should be picked up as soon as possible after owner notification. Guests desiring to receive packages should consult their rental agents/owners for arrangements.

OPERATIONS, LANDSCAPING and COMMON ELEMENTS - Property maintenance is the responsibility of the Resident Manager. Owners, renters, guests, or visitors, are prohibited from interfering with the operations of the property, conducting property landscaping or maintenance of the common elements without the express approval and supervision of the Resident Manager. Suggestions or comments on landscaping or maintenance to the Resident Manager or Property Manager are always welcome.

PERSONAL ITEMS - may not be stored on or in the common areas of the property, or on lanais without the written approval of the Board of Directors. The only items that are to be placed on lanais are patio furniture and BOD approved “decorations”. There is temporary storage for owners’ suitcases on the 2nd and 4th floors that may be used when the owners are on property.

SMOKE ALARMSThe maintenance and testing of all smoke alarms located inside units is the responsibility of the unit owner, not the Resident Manager.

PARKING-STORED AUTOMOBILES- is along the Hau’oli Street fence. Vehicles must be in working condition, properly licensed, including a current safety inspection by the State of Hawaii. The vehicle must be registered to an owner or long term renter of a unit at Ma’alaea Banyans. Owners must provide proof of ownership and insurance. All vehicles must display a Ma’alaea Banyans parking sticker. Parking stickers are available from the Resident Manager. Stored vehicles should have the battery disconnected. A set of keys for all stored vehicles must be left with the Resident Manager and the parking space location given to him/her. The Resident Manager must be informed in advance if the vehicle is to be used by anyone other than the owner or said vehicle will be considered stolen. While not required, it is recommended that a stored vehicle be covered. Covered vehicles must have the license number and parking sticker number written and visible on the outside of the cover.


Note: Violation of House Rules are enforced by the Resident Manager and/or the Property Manager and can subject the violator(s)and or owner(s) to removal from the premises and or fines, as more fully set forth in the Association “By-Laws”, “Declarations,” “Policies,” and as allowed under the Statutes of Hawaii. (Revised March, 2013)

Whew!! It seems like there are lots of rules and regulations if you stay at the Banyan's, but please do not let them intimidate you. These rules are written to help everyone get along; treat them as guidelines and as a reference source, which is all they are meant to be.

Have a wonderful stay – we know you have a choice in lodging, and we appreciate the fact that you chose to stay with us!!!!


Karen and Joe Dorsey







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